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January 14, 2010 by Staff 

Traveling for business takes its toll. Time zone changes, jet lag, and late-night and early morning flights leave us sleep deprived. Germs lie in wait (en masse) in airplanes and taxis for their next victim, and schlepping heavy suitcases wears a body out! But it is possible to make those out-of-town trips more enjoyable. Here are a few tips and travel accessories to take the stress out of travel and let you arrive feeling more like yourself and looking better than ever.

You’ve heard it before. The dry air on airplanes sucks the moisture from your skin. Lotions and lip balm can help reduce dry, chapped skin, but drinking water—lots of it—replenishes your body from the inside out. Your skin will look and feel better, but even more important, adequate hydration can help stave off headaches and keep your digestive system working as it should.

Keep It Simple and Stylish
Baggage restrictions have “encouraged” travelers to limit the number and sizes of bags we check at the airline counter. With carry-ons being toted from departure to arrival, how you pack is especially important. Two pairs of slacks (or a skirt and a pair of pants), two tops and one jacket can be enough to see you through several days—if everything coordinates. Choose items that do double duty and travel well, like UbU’s wrinkle-proof clothes and reversible jackets.

Eat Your Veggies and Pack a Snack
Crazy flight schedules and back-to-back meetings can really do a number on your diet. To keep your stomach from growling during that important meeting, stash a few high-fiber protein bars in your purse or laptop bag. And if steak dinners with clients are on your calendar, be sure to pile on the fresh vegetables.

Comfort on the Go
Avoid the airplane-provided pillows and blankets like the plague (and that’s exactly what they might be carrying!). Instead, opt to bring your own. Check out for a blanket-pillow combo that’s easy to carry.

Plan for Health
If your travels take you beyond the country’s borders, check your immunization records against the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations for that area. Your doctor or Passport Health will be able to help you plan ahead to avoid serious illnesses.


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  1. Sydney de la Tour on February 2nd, 2010 4:20 pm

    “Baggage restrictions have “encouraged” travelers to limit the number and sizes of bags we check at the airline counter. ” - Absolutely; and I notice that the more traveled a passenger is, the less luggage they carry.

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