Move into the Winner’s Circle!

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June 8, 2010 by Ashley Mahaffey 

Is your current level of fitness holding you back from wild success?

Who are the real leaders in your industry? Who is creating tremendous value? If you were to take a closer look at their lives, you’d probably find that they are supported and nourished—in all areas of their lives. As a fitness strategy expert, I help speakers and entrepreneurs get lean and energized for their big platform. These leaders share a common bond: demanding schedules that include travel, work and family commitments—sound familiar?

What sets successful individuals apart from the pack is a commitment to stepping into the winner’s circle in all areas of their lives, including fitness. The good news is that a fit win is available for everyone who is willing to commit—and there is no time to waste! Below I’ve outlined a plan of action for creating a leaner, lighter body that is full of energy.

Winners Eat for Energy
Many foods contribute to fatigue, disease, bloating and the inability to lose weight. You will most likely feel more energized and less bloated, at the very least, if you swap out the following foods:

  • Brown-rice pasta instead of wheat pasta
  • Meal-replacement protein shake instead of a meal (breakfast is best to swap out)
  • Coconut oil instead of processed oils for baking
  • Sprouted grain bread instead of wheat, white, rye or sourdough
  • Rice or almond milk instead of soy or cow’s milk
  • Almond butter instead of peanut butter
  • Stevia or maple syrup instead of artificial sweeteners

Winners Build Success Muscles
It’s no secret that muscle burns more calories than fat. Simply moving—like taking a walk around the office or your neighborhood—is a great place to start. But to build up strength and a powerful posture, try wall and knee push-ups. Begin with three sets of five to 10 repetitions and add two repetitions every three days until you reach 30 days. Then, you can progress to full-body push-ups.

  • Wall Push-up—Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and 18 inches from the wall. Place hands at shoulder height on the wall. Bend elbows until nose is about 4 inches away from the wall. Return to the start position by pressing body away. Repeat.
  • Knee Push-up—Rest bent knees on a soft surface. Place hands on floor shoulder-width apart. Keeping a straight line from knees, hips and shoulders, bend elbows to lower body within 4 inches of the floor. Press up through hands and repeat.

Winners Keep Track
Getting to the winner’s circle will be a bit rocky at times. Belief-limiting mind chatter emerges when the path gets difficult. Keeping a success journal will help you be consistent with your new habits and can put those negative, nagging thoughts out of your mind.

A best practice is to journal two work-related “wins” and two exercise or nutrition “wins” each night before bed and then review the list in the morning. Write about the triggers that commonly derail you from consistent exercise and healthy food habits. The process won’t stop stressors from showing up, but you will recognize them when they threaten to sabotage your efforts. This simple discipline will help keep you accountable to your commitment.

Winners Take Risks
You can either be safe or you can be successful. As an entrepreneur or business leader, you have probably had to take a risk to follow your dream. I encourage you to apply the steps above for a minimum of 30 days, with a full commitment. Take the risk that after those 30 days you will not only feel better, but that every aspect of your work and personal life will be positively affected.


About the Author

Ashley, a fitness strategy expert and Ironman triathlon finisher, is a speaker, coach and trainer specializing as the secret weapon for speakers and traveling professionals who want to be lean and energized for their big platform. Ashley has trained NCAA champions and business leaders alike. For more information, visit


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